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Nestled within the tranquil waters surrounding marinas, we have crafted for you – the discerning traveler, the avant-garde adventurer, the erudite business professional – a most sophisticated leisure and hospitality opportunity.

Come and indulge your senses aboard one of Xenia’s elegant yachts.

You, the experience seeker, why not leave the hassle and hustle of a land-based lodging, a public restaurant or mundane activity to the tourist crowds?

Within mere minutes aboard a Xenia yacht you’ll find yourself starting to unwind as the quiet surroundings release your stress and tension to drift away with the tide. And moments later you’ll be sitting on an aft deck with your feet up, a welcoming beverage in your hand, listening to nothing but the gentle sounds of lapping water.

Yes. You have this all to yourself. Your own private setting.

Of course, this is all too good not to share – why not invite friends or family members to enjoy this quietly intimate setting with you. Come on! Escape with Xenia and drift away in a yachting experience…

Let the fun begin! You’ll be glad you did.